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Secretariat General

Secretariat General
Birol Denizli


1. To carry out tasks in accordance with the Chamber Charter,
2. To carry out tasks determined by the Board of Directors,
3. To carry out activities for development and improvement of the Chamber,
4. To conduct the tasks of the Directorships,
5. To determine the annual targets of the Chamber and to provide achieving these targets,
6. To manage the collaboration among the members of Board of Directors, the Assembly, the Committees and all the institutions located in the implementing area of the Chamber and to provide studies and reports on the activities of the Chamber,
7. To plan the communication of the Chamber, to present to the Board of Directors and to implement,
8. To create agenda for the meetings of the Board of Directors and the Assembly,
9. To realize collaborative efforts with the Directorships in necessary cases,
10. To use the signature authority on behalf of the Chamber in accordance with the rule of law,
11. To create agenda for the meetings with the Directors and for the meetings of Parameters,
12. To coordinate the meetings between the staff and the Directors.

  2008. Mustafakemalpaža Chamber of Commerce and Industry