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Quality Policies

With high pressure institution culture and professional management mentatility coming from the history ; our quality policy is to be a leader and originated establishment far off the bureaucratic difficulties, duty centered , act on statutes and rules , make use of technology highest level and also support the merchant and our country for improving the economics

Do the member demands with a genial and friendly duty mentality in short time
Entertain the members in a good field and give quality duty
Inform and true orientation
Aim at improving commercial life, give pecuniary and spiritual support
Organize seminars and education conferences, take part in national and international fairs and give informations to members about fairs
Give security for acting on legal regulations
Encourage merchant and industrial benefits and inform them about the statutes
Transfer the members opinions to media, television and radio in local, national and international area
Make work organisation and provide discipline
Smother all of the works that they are up to regulations and do essential arrangements
Represent the chamber in national and international area
Look through quality policy with ıts suitability, suffıciency and activity at intervals
For good duty quality; employ the good educated, skillful and versed personnel.ınstall the personel in the suitable possition.
Provide the personnels education about their jobs and the other regulations
Management get together weekly and monthly. They make a decision and consider the members demands. They put into practice after the control of aims
Act suitable for he 5174 Numbered Statute
Use time in the usefully form.
Personel are genial and behave positive
They work planned with discipline .
Work suitable for the regulations, the initiator of 5174 Numbered Statute.
Treat that the members advantages as thats ıts own advantages
Use the technology in the top level
Make studies about export and import.In the national and international area transfer the work offers to members for improving commercial life. Emit the members introductions in the internet and bulletin.
The management office is suitable for modern world
They are intelligible against the critique and suggestion, line up with development
Like sharing
It is suppportive
Organise educative seminars and conferences, and it’s enterprising
It has human resources part in ıts web
Give importance to communication and show this with montly bulletin, internet and also as verbal.Inform the members about the commercial and the other subjects. Make use of tha 4982 Numbered Statute, give information by web, e-mail, telephone, fax,and written / verbal form and register these informations.
Determine quality policies themselves and be the follower of these policies.
Perform the statutes and regulations and do the necessities
Open establishment for education ve support the education.
Help poor people
In the setting of the statutes, give scholarship to poor students.
Open commercial instutions and give financinng
Pay equitable price to personel.
Protect the personnels social rights.
Give importance for personnel education
Don’t do discriminate between the personnel about language, religion and colour
Award personnel for motivation
Use spending materials ( paper, esc) without wasting and provide recycling
Give finnancial support to social actions
Make environment arrangements
Keep away from tha activities that maket he environment dirty and organize seminars about that

  2008. Mustafakemalpaşa Chamber of Commerce and Industry