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About Mustafakemalpaža

Our town is situated in the west of BURSA and in the south of MARMARA. It’s situated 40th parallel and 29th meridian. Karacabey is in the north, Susurluk is in the west and Orhaneli is in the south east of Mustafakemalpaža. It’s about 1471 km². It’s next to the highway of Bursa-Istanbul.


The old name of our town “Kirmasti”. In 1330’s our town was conquered by the Ottoman Sultan Orhan Gazi and commander Lala Žahin Paža.

Its population is about forty five thousand. Mustafakemalpaža has got two main streets, which are called Balżkesir and Bursa. Most of the state buildings are in the other side of the town center. The central of the town is Atatürk Square.

Formal buildings, instutions and other buildings are generally in Balżkesir and Bursa Streets. 

In our town there have been lots of works in many areas especially in literal and cultural area.

Mustafakemalpaža River, which is called Kirmasti, separates the town into two parts; there is a bridge over the Kirmasti. There is also an active fault layer beneath the Kirmasti. In the future this active fault layer can cause an earthquake.

The public usually go to parks during the summer especially when it is very hot.

The students are very lucky because there are many kinds of schools.

The people usually deals with trade and agricultural products which are tomato, pepper, bean, pea, eggplant, sugar beet, apple, fig, grape, wheat, cabbage, cauliflower, leek and corn.

In our town there are about thirty thousand cattle, fifty thousand sheep and goat.

In the town center pottery has still been made.

The people depend on their traditions For example; if a person dies, his relatives read Koran and pray to Allah for seven days. Girls prepare their trousseau. Wedding Ceremonies last three days. The people are very helpful and hospitable.

It’s made of cheese, sugar, milk, egg, flour, and semolina. Its definition was given from a Jewish to Ahmet Efendi who is called ice cream seller in 1920s.This dessert is very famous in our country. A lot of people visit our town to buy it.

In our town dessert festivals have been held for about eight years. During the festival Mustafakemalpaža Dessert are served to foreigners freely on the highway Bursa-Żzmir.

Mustafakemalpaža marble is very white and is very famous it’s also expensive. It’s taken out around Devecikonašż and Bük Villages.

The white marble of my town has been taken to the literature of marble. There is a good and fact story about the marble.

A man wanted to have a very nice flat and he bought Italian marble. But he was surprised when his marble come, because it wasn’t Italian marble, it was the white marble of Mustafakemalpaža.

One of the main sources of borax is in my town. Everybody knows that borax is a mine which is used many works. Borax and coal are also taken out in these places. There are many sandpits in some villages.


Dorak Treasures

They are next to the Uluabat Lake in Dorak Village. We can see some King Graves. Some jewellery have been found like gold, emerald, silver and brilliant.

Melde Ruins
These ruins were found in the hill of Melde or Üçkurnalż, which is, situated about four kilometers away our town in the north west of Mustafakemalpaža. Antic Miletopolis is a famous city of Roma, Helen and Bizans. It was built in this area. Some coins have been found and ruins, which were, belong to BC 4.century.

Ayvaini Cave
 It’s around the village of Došanalan and it’s 30 kilometers away in the north east of Mustafakemalpaža. It’s a very famous cave and a lot of tourists visit there. Its length is 4,5 kilometers. We can see stalactites and stalagmites in the cave. There is also a small stream in it that is called Karadonlu.

The Pažalar Historical Place
The Pažalar Village is like a fossil channel. Fifteen million years ago elephants, giraffes, rhinoceros and monkeys had lived there. Scientists are very interested in it. So foreign scientists come here and study. They say that Pažalar will be the most famous area in a short time. Because they always find some inherited parts under soil. They are very careful when they dig it. A small mistake can cause a big event and an old skeleton of a historical animal can be destroyed.

Suuçtu Waterfall
It’s near Muradiye Sarnżç Village. We can go there by bus or car. First we must pass Yalżntaž Village then Kayabažż and Sünlük Villages. When we arrive at Sarnżç Village we must pass through the village, towards the mountain is about 5 kilometres. Suuçtu falls about thirty six meters height.

A lot of people come here for camping and picnic especially in spring and summer.

Tümbüldek Thermal Springs
It’s 15 kilometers away in the south of Mustafakemalpaža in Akarca Village. The thermal springs water heat is about 42 Cº. It’s very rich with carbon dioxide.

The water comes from 180 meters depth and it has been boiling. It’s 2 meters width. 

It’s very useful for these diseases: heart, rheumatism and skin. Also a lot of people come here for having a picnic and rest.

Because of these reasons, a lot of people come here to recover from their illnesses.

Lala Žahin Paža Tomb
He was the man who educated Sultan the first Murat. He was a great man in his age. He conquered Flibe, Sofya, Edirne, Kavala and Kirmasti.

Now his tomb is on one side of Kirmasti River. People say that he is in his endless sleep under the cypresses by listening to the voice of the river.

Written Source: Mustafakemalpaža Żsmail Hakkż Ženpamukçu (Book)
Newspaper, magazine and brochure about Mustafakemalpaža
The Municipality of Mustafakemalpaža 


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